Dyno Tuning

At RPM Dyno & Performance we have the latest and most up to date AWD built in ground dyno and performance equipment in Queensland. RPM offers tuning on all makes and models of 2wd and 4wd vehicles for both power and economy.


Whether you want to improve the drivability of your daily drive or get even more power from your performance vehicle - within our new Dyno cell.


Our clients experience outstanding results with tuning performance, economy and drivability using our Dyno tuning expertise on a large range of vehicles. Why not ring the guys at RPM Dyno & Performance for your next tune and service?


Reasons to Dyno tune your car:

  • Custom dyno tuning after custom exhaust installation
  • Custom dyno tuning after ECU installation
  • Improve power and fuel economy
  • Tuning could be required after damaged, wearing components or failing sensors have been replaced
  • Check performance of your vehicle including air fuel ratios
  • Dyno Power run to check HP output
  • Checking can be done under load simulating high speed which is not possible to check on the road
  • Speedometer checks for accuracy


Call RPM Dyno & Performance to discuss your needs today! We can dyno all kinds of cars including open wheeler race cars, drag cars, circuit racers as well as good old V8 muscle cars!


At RPM Dyno & Performance we can virtually tune all makes and models, including EFI and Carby systems. Call RPM today on 07 5499 3932 to discuss your next project.