When it comes to Performance RPM covers it all from ECU's, Custom Exhaust, Mandrel Race Exhausts, turbos, intercoolers, Suspension upgrades, Brake upgrades, race car preparation with expert advice, fitting and tuning.

RPM have many years of ECU tuning experience. RPM have experience with many kinds of aftermarket ECU's as well as Flash Tuning of the factory ECU and all the work we do, every single car is custom dyno tuned by Peter Roma, Owner and Tuner at RPM Dyno & Performance for the best possible results!

Whilst chasing your HP we also make sure the car is tuned for power, economy and it is crisp and responsive under all driving conditions.

At RPM when we install and tune an aftermarket ECU we will ensure max safe power and performance with real time tuning adjustments including cold starts for fast and accurate changes to mapping done in fine increments. RPM don't rush your car out the door they take the time to achieve the best results possible. All tuning and testing is done on our state of the art Dyno Dynamics AWD dyno with confirmation printouts with before and after all carried out in our purpose built dyno cell.

It may seem like a minefield of options to consider when upgrading your car with many considerable pro's and con's but put your mind at ease because RPM can help make the decision for you and explain everything in clear easy to understand terms.




We do aftermarket ECU tuning on Haltech, Motec, Wolf, Vipec, Autronic, EMS, Apexi, Hondata and many others.
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Varex Muffler Varex Full Exhaust System


Dyno Tuning. For more info check out our Dyno page.

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Tyres & Suspension

The right tyre can mean the difference between staying on or coming off the road. For more info check out our Tyres page.

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